"I'm rooting for everybody black." - Issa Rae

And Brown. And Melanated. And Colored in any way. I'm rooting for us all, and backing that up with action. 
Going through my own experiences trying to start a business has been frustrating and disappointing. I just wanted someone to call or text to ask a question, or point me in the right direction. Thankfully, with a LOT of persistence and research, I managed to get help from other Black entrepreneurs or small business owners - sometimes from people I didn't even know! The best part of it all? Everyone was so kind and willing to share. Strangers were giving me connections and tips, and offering their precious time because they wanted to help me succeed.

We have to look out for each other.

There are so many helpful people out there with the information or service you need. And someone in this world definitely needs your expertise, your vision, or your product. 
I wanna help you Connect The Dots.